Vision & Mission


As the testing and certification industrial company in the field k3, technical, area that expert and trusted in Indonesia


  1. As the credibility of partner in industrial give the best of testing and certification.
  2. As partner of the government to increase national endurance in the field of industrial.


  1. Make the best management and expert staff of company , competent, expert who the dedicated to high and focus to quality and best performance service
  2. Use and develop expert testing and inspection module to certification that needed in industrial as continuous
  3. Have and exploit expert testing and inspection equipment and support high performance in an effort industrial word of certification
  4. Increase of information technology, communication, work net to needed industrial testing and certification.
  5. Participate to keep and increase good relationship to all of stake holder and support develop national industrial certificate in field K3. Technical, and area.


  1. HONESTLY in every activity and work
  2. HARD WORK in prepare quality and best performance service
  3. TEAMWORK that solid accompany line organization company
  4. FOCUS at quality and service
  5. TAKE CARE with all of stake holder
  6. TOGETHERNESS in the increase