PT. Multi Transfer Teknologi


PT. MULTI TRANSFER TEKNOLOGI is the testing and certification service company that located in batam island – Indonesia. Established since 2004 until now continues for active and develop to give testing and certification service that needed in the industrial world. Began from the testing and certification in the lift instrument until now, we grow up in the testing and certification the else.

The testing and certification service of scope in PT. MULTI TRANSFER TEKNOLOGI include K3 field, technical and area. The field divisible again in the several of inspection and testing in the category: lifting and transport equipment (all of crane, forklift, heavy equipment, lifting equipment, etc) steam instrument (Boiler, economizer, deodorizer, safety valve, etc) pressure vessel equipment (pressure vessel, pressure pipe, etc) production and power instrument (generator set, production machine, etc) electrical installation (panel, transformer, etc) lightning installation and fire protection.

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